MULTIVAC is one of the worldwide leading providers of packaging solutions used to pack a range of products including; food products, life science and health care products, and industrial goods.

Our product portfolio covers nearly all the needs of the customer and includes - in addition to thermoforming packaging machines - traysealers, chamber machines, labelling and quality inspection systems, and even turnkey production lines.

Our customers benefit from our profound knowledge of processes and systems and from an integrated advisory service all from one source.

Packaging solutions for a wide range of requirements
Good packaging has any number of functions to fulfil. First and foremost, it should protect the product optimally and ensure that it arrives at its recipient intact. At the point-of-sale, the packaging also assumes a marketing function.

MULTIVAC covers packaging solutions for all segments of the food industry - from baked goods to meat, poultry and fish, to dairy products, fruit and vegetables. The packaging solutions are tailored to a wide range of requirements, regarding output and degree of automation.

In the area of life science and health care products, MULTIVAC solutions aid in the flexible and efficient packaging of medical products and pharmaceuticals. Our machines meet your individual requirements with regard to the security, traceability and reproducibility of your packaging procedures.

For industrial and consumer products, MULTIVAC packaging solutions offer maximum protection against mechanical and environmental influences. Our product portfolio also includes concepts for packs with anti-theft protection or for forgery-proof packs.

As an international company, we are always mindful of our responsibilities to our communities and our employees. Safety and mutual respect are the guiding values of our daily activity.

We develop packaging solutions that contribute to resource conservation, as well as a higher degree of efficiency and ergonomics. In this way, we create sustainable additional value for our customers. Finally, our packaging solutions also protect the packaged goods and extend their shelf life, reducing waste along the logistical chain.

During the production of our machines, we follow an economical and sustainable approach to resource use. All production stages are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This applies to each step of manufacturing and to the disposal of all production accessories.

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