MULTIVAC provides best quality vacuum chamber machine for new Roux brasserie restaurant

Roux at Skindles Brasserie located in Taplow, Maidenhead along the River Thames, opened in November 2018. The new restaurant venture for the Roux family was opened with the aim of providing an informal brasserie restaurant with a relaxed ambience and the option to choose a single dish or a complete meal from breakfast to afternoon tea right through to dinner. Roux at Skindles serves an all-encompassing menu that is based on modern but classic French brasserie dishes with some British and Mediterranean influences.

Skindles restaurant was in a need of a new vacuum chamber machine to add to its kitchen, and with MULTIVAC being the machine of choice, it was an easy decision for Chef Patron, Alain Roux. “The C 200 vacuum chamber machine from MULTIVAC is the best machine for us,” says Alain, “The size of the machine fits everywhere; from the corner of the kitchen, under a table or a table surface, and is very efficient in sealing small, medium, and large vacuum pouches”. Alain goes on to explain how the machine is used in the kitchen; “The vacuum chamber machine is used to vacuum everything from vegetables, fish and meat, fruits, or raw, pre-cooked or ready for cooking products”.

Why MULTIVAC? MULTIVAC’s tabletop vacuum chamber machines have been used at Roux owned, Michelin star restaurant ‘The Waterside Inn’ for many years, and when sourcing new machinery for the Skindles’ kitchen, Alain knew he needed another MULTIVAC chamber machine.

When asking Alain why he opted for a MULTIVAC machine he said “Because it’s the best on the market! The quality of the product is the best not only for everyday use but for the after service availability”.

High-quality products are the foundation of success for any restaurant, and the MULTIVAC C 200 chamber machine is the basis for excellent quality, consistency and reliability.

The C 200 vacuum chamber machine is used to prepare ingredients, increase shelf life, reduce wastage and improve storage. “The machine can be used to keep the product as fresh as possible and for long periods of time, but also for food preparation either to cure or to marinate or for pouching or cooking of a dish” explains Alain, who has already seen the benefits of using the machine.

One of the key features of the C 200 is its MC06 control panel with rec-ipe storage functionality. This feature is advantageous due to its ease of operation and reduction in operator tampering, resulting in less risk and waste of product.

“If there’s one favourite vacuum chamber machine recipe to use, it would be a fresh black truffle. This can be purchased fresh when in season, then vacuum packed and frozen which keeps the truffle intact and in its best condition” says Chef Alain.

Another feature of the control panel is its vacuum sensor control, enabling repeatable accurate vacuum levels and resulting in consistent quality. In line with EHO legislation, the C 200 machine has a stainless steel hygienic design with sloping surfaces and is therefore easy to clean.

“MULTIVAC will be seen in every Roux kitchen and they are seen in the best kitchens around the country, and that really says it all – we only take the best quality!”

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