SHRINK BAG CP60 350x650mm
£103.85 + vat

Shrink bags are a great alternative to vacuum pouches and the ultimate solution for packaging and displaying your products with the best possible shelf appeal. They are ideally suited for the deli, farm shops, food services and food production applications including boneless fresh pork, poultry, beef, lamb and seafood, processed hams, marinated meats and cheese products.

Quantity per box: 500

  • CP60 features:
  • Enhanced sealing properties, even on contaminated or wrinkled seal surfaces
  • EVOH barrier for exceptional shelf life
  • High transparency and gloss for superior product presentation
  • Excellent puncture resistance for fewer leaks
  • Shrinkage of up to 45% for smaller ears and a tighter fit around your product
  • PET outer layer enables an overlapping seal in the vacuum packer
  • Code - 107243925
Quantity per box 500

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